Immune Builder Trio
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🌲Canoe Woman Herbs🌲 🌿Immune Builder🌿Adaptogen🌿Throat Spray🌿🌲 I’ve formulated some of my favorites. Limited supply available. Tincture: 🌸 Elderberry, Chaga and White Pine to bring some strength to your immune system. It’s flavor is Berry delicious. Adaptogen: 🌸 Tulsi/Rose in glycerine is a sweet, light, and fragrant treat to your senses🌹 Throat spray: 🌸 Is awesome! Use when you first feel a cold coming on or keep in your car as an arsenal of power to help knock off those viruses. If I have to go out to the store, this is my back up. 💪🏾 Price: $50 American I accept Paypal, [email protected] Venmo [email protected] Only doing etransfer if your local. The Canadian post is at turtles pace. 🐢 PM me with details 🌸🌼Niawenh and Happy Spring Market. 🌼🌸
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